Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday - Utah Portrait Photographer

The time has come....Black Friday weekend is just around the corner!

Due to popular demand, I decided to stick with the same awesome sales we had last year. Those of you who took advantage of the amazing deal that was our Double Dollar Days will be thrilled to see we are doing it again! If you missed out last year, don't make that mistake again - and you may be wondering what it is... The concept is pretty simple - which we all love, right?

How Double Dollar Days works: 
  1. Jump to our online store here: https://squareup.com/market/horrocks-photography-llc
  2. Click on Double Dollar Days (which is the image you see above)
  3. Order whatever quantity of certificates you desire - $100 each
  4. Book your session(s) and order any time in 2019
  5. Use your Double Dollars to make out like a bandit (e.g. $600 in certificates = $1200 to use)
  6. Feel like a rockstar and make your friends jealous with your new wall art in your home
See, easy right?! Remember, this is only available Black Friday weekend. That means once Cyber Monday has come to and end...so has this opportunity.

The other offer going on is, of course, what many of you are familiar with from the last few years. You have the chance to purchase your Digital Files for HALF OFF the usual price. 

How the Digital Collection works:
  1. Jump to our online store here: https://squareup.com/market/horrocks-photography-llc
  2. Click on the Half Off Digital Files (which is the other image you see above)
  3. Order whatever quantity of digital collections you desire - $100 each
  4. Book your session(s) and order before the end of next year
  5. Use your 1/2 price certificate(s) and get yourself some digital files on the cheap
  6. Use those digital files and take 30% off our amazing options for prints
  7. Make your friends green with envy thanks to your new wall art in your home
Ta-da! You just scored the best prizes Black Friday weekend has to offer. As usual, we have to throw in that these two offers cannot be used together or with any other promos, but they are fully shareable - which means holiday shopping just got ridiculously easy!

And, as a special bonus - thanks to more than a few requests - these are LIVE NOW! So you don't have to wait until the last minute, but they will be gone once Cyber Monday is over. Do yourself a favor and don't delay!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Back To School 2018 - Utah Photographer

I cannot believe it is almost August already, and that, of course, means back in school is almost in full swing... Congrats on surviving yet another summer break!

As we always do this time of year, we are going to be out partying with you and your kids during our annual Outdoor Back to School Portraits! If you haven't heard, I have been doing these every year for almost a decade now, and I truly enjoy every minute of it!

I have people ask every year why I do these since they are a different type of service than we do on a normal "day to day" basis. While it is true, it's preferable to have the time to invest in giving you amazing custom portraits - school portraits are, for many people, the only "nice" portraits they do each year. With that in mind, and knowing portraits aren't exactly inexpensive - why not have them be something awesome that you and the kids will love having on the wall for the next year? That way you get to have the higher end, custom portrait quality with similar package options to what is offered at your school - it's a no brainer! 

 Here's the low down on how they work:
  • We have certain days and times we will be at a location.
  • You show up - no appointment needed and no session fees.
  • We decide what kind of look we want, if we are doing multiple poses, choose a package, etc.
  • Your kids ROCK IT!
  • You can preview and select which images you prefer.
  • You're all done! Now you just wait for your editing and prints to be ready for pick up.

It's a pretty simple process since I'm sure you don't want any extra stress on top of what already comes with kids getting back to school. As always, I am a big believer in photography being more of a custom fit instead of the all too common "one size fits all" approach. So, let's get together this month and give you and yours something to capture who they really are so we can all be proud of what is on your walls!


Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Sample Sessions - Utah Photographer

*End of Summer update: I decided to open up a few more since they filled up so fast - books yours before the new openings are all gone too!*

Whew! Summer has come in with a vengeance hasn't it?! It blew me away how fast it got so hot. Thankfully, school is out and pools are open - no better way to do summer.

As promised, it's time for our Sample Sessions: Summer Edition. If you recall, I did these in the Spring - and they went FAST! So, for summer, I have added a few more slots, but they are still limited (we will have 15 sample sessions this time) and will be gone before you know it!

In case you missed the explanation the first time around, these are my take on the "Mini Session" concept and built around the most popular services I offer! The vast majority of you value having tangible, high-quality portraits to display in your homes. This is why my Fine Art Prints are the main feature, but I also include some digital files since I know those files are nice to have since we live in the social media era.

Naturally, these sessions are ideally designed to give a taste of what kind of personal care and attention we provide throughout the whole process - making them the perfect way to introduce your friends and family to why you have loved your experiences with Horrocks Photography.

 Here's the basic breakdown for you:

  • 30 minute session on location or in studio
  • 8x10 fine art print (matted, mounted, or loose)
  • 4 print released digital files
  • Viewing session for you to make your selections 
  • $150 (due @ time of booking)
I guess we just found another awesome way to do Summer! Give me a call at (801) 576-9990 to reserve yours now, and see you soon!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Introducing: Sample Sessions - Utah Portrait Photography

*Sessions are limited, be sure to book ASAP so you don't miss out*

Hello everyone! Spring is beginning to show her beautiful face, and we have just the thing to welcome her...our new Sample Sessions! I know, I'm pretty excited about it too! This is the perfect kick off for what will be a semi-regular piece of awesome (we will also have sample sessions for summer, fall, & winter).

The basic concept is a fairly familiar one - they are similar to the mini session idea, but built for you, our lovely clients (yes, you're so amazing I have built these just for you), who all value having tangible, quality portraits to display in their homes. These sessions are designed to give a taste of what kind of personal care and attention we provide throughout the whole process - and why so many are saying goodbye to the shoot & burn experience in favor of the custom experience. These will also make it so easy for you to share with those who haven't tried us yet to see why you love us, and get a taste of the upscale products we provide. And, don't forget Mother's Day & Father's Day which are just around the corner - this would be a perfect gift for them.

Here's the low down:
  • 30 minute session on location
  • 8x10 fine art print (matted or mounted)
  • 4 print released digital files
  • Viewing session for you to make your selections
Sweet, right!? We are talking $320+ experience, all for only $150. It's the mini session perfected - join us this Spring as we make amazing happen!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy Anniversary - Utah Photographer

Can you believe it's already been 2 full years since we went independent? It's gone by so fast! Maybe that's because we've been so busy partying with all of you. :)

As usual, in honor of our anniversary we are rolling out a fan favorite: our complimentary 16x20 with EVERY session! Yep, now until the end of April your session fee not only gives you a 50% print credit, but also a 16x20 traditional print. Woot, woot!

Truly, I am so thankful for all of you for letting us be a part of your lives. I love that I get to build these great relationships with all of you, and have been there to capture so many special times. It also warms my heart to know these special moments proudly hanging in your homes - not just living a meaningless life on a CD or hard drive somewhere. So, thank you all for believing, as we do, photography should be about so much more than a factory line approach!

Here's to another year full of awesome!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pre-Black Friday Awesomeness - Utah Portrait Photographer

I know, I can't believe it either! 2016 is right around the corner...which means the holidays are about to happen NOW! Yikes!!

It's been a good year around here. I've been fortunate to spend time with so many fantastic people (and naturally we are all best friends now) creating magic together. I am thrilled I wasn't wrong when I thought we needed to shake things up a bit and focus more on the tangible aspect of these lives we capture. There had become an unhealthy lack of prints in the world around us, and you had all obviously felt it too. I've never been thanked more than I have this past year as so many of you have teared up over the prints you held in your hands - that's what it's all about! We are people, we connect, and we love tangible evidence of these connections. That is what has inspired my first "pre-black Friday" event.

From now until November 30th ALL of you who we've been honored to work with have the opportunity to take 50% off all of our print products from your past sessions! That means our albums, fine art prints, canvas prints, metal prints, giclee prints, cards, etc. are about to come home with you for the holidays! We all know nothing warms a home, or the heart, like seeing your loved ones on our walls.

So, don't delay any longer. Let's get these amazing pieces of art in your hands and in your homes and save some green while we are at it!

Thank you again to all of you who made 2015 such an amazing year. It's you who make this all worth while, and I wasn't kidding about being best friends now...let's hang out!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fine Art Show: Vagabond - Utah Photographer

Hey all! Just wanted to drop a little reminder that I have an art show wrapping up this week! My Vagabond series will wrap up on the 31st with a closing reception from 6-9pm in the UVU Library Gallery (5th floor).

It's been a fun project, and will most likely be an ongoing series for me. For those who don't know the premise, this show is based off of Homer's Odyssey, but with a modern styling. The aim, like the aim of most "epics", is to hopefully allow viewers to find correlations to the situations in their own lives, and evaluate how they go about handling them.

The process of creating the series has been fantastic, and I've had the opportunity to work with some great talent along the way. Hope to see you there as we wrap it up!